Prof. Matthias Egger, Prof. Georgia Salanti, Dr. Dr. Orestis Efthimiou
Dr. Adriani Nikolakopoulou, Dr. Theodore Papakonstantinou
University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Anna Chaimani
Paris Descartes University, France


Kea Island | Greece

What is network meta-analysis?

Standard meta-analysis methods to synthesise data from clinical studies are widely used to compare two interventions, such as a drug versus placebo, or a new intervention versus standard practice. However, contemporary research questions require methods that are beyond the state-of the art. Investigators often need to infer about the relative efficacy and acceptability of multiple competing interventions. Extensions of meta-analysis methods, termed network meta-analysis, have been the subject of much methodological research in recent years. Network meta-analyses regularly feature in the clinical research literature and are used for decision-making by national and international public health entities.

Course structure

Before the beginning of the course, participants will be able to choose a network meta-analysis project according to their background and interests and will be provided with relevant data. Course participants already working on a network meta-analysis project can bring their own data to analyse.

Morning lectures will cover all theoretical considerations of network meta-analysis but will also address practical issues such as how to write a network meta-analysis paper and how to address comments from reviewers.

Afternoon computer practicals will use packages in the freely available software R. The web application CINeMA (also free) will be used to evaluate the credibility of the results from network meta-analysis.

Course objectives

By the end of this 2.5 days course participants will be able to:

  • Write a protocol for a network meta-analysis project
  • Understand the assumptions underlying a joint synthesis of data from a network of trials
  • Describe the role, potential and limitations of network meta-analysis
  • Understand the principles, steps and statistical methods involved
  • Undertake network meta-analysis using R
  • Appraise the credibility of the results using a structured system
  • Write a network meta-analysis article

Participation requirements

This course is aimed at quantitatively-minded clinical researchers, epidemiologists and biostatisticians who want to understand, undertake and appraise network meta-analysis. Knowledge of systematic reviews and the fundamentals of meta-analysis is expected of all participants. Participants must be statistically literate, including a good understanding of the basics of meta-analysis

Course location

The course will take place in the small town Korrisia, the port of the island of Kea. Korissia is easily accessible from Athens International Airport.

From the airport to the port of Lavrio: by bus (1 hour, 4 € ), by taxi (30 minutes, around 30 €)

From the port of Lavrio to Korissia town in Kea: by boat (1 hour,  12.50 €)

Please note that there is no boat service on the 1st of May!


Enrollment & Course fees
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